Five Simple But Wonderful Reasons Why Costa Rica Is The Place To Live

Costa Rica is considered by many to be a wonderful country. We have a stable democracy, government, and economy, which to its reputation as a great place to be. As important as they may be, other vital reasons should help you consider residing permanently here in the country.


1. Happy people and environment

All countries claim that their people are happy, but only Costa Rica has tangible proof, even scientific ones. For one, it boasts of a "Blue Zone," a region where there are lots of people over a hundred years of age living in great numbers. Longevity by far could be attributed to the simple yet cozy atmosphere provided by Costa Rica.

Compared to others, there is no internal strife in Costa Rica. No country is crime-free, but the lack of social and political instability is a testament to every Costa Rican's contentment regarding their country.


2. Hospitable to foreigners

Sceneries and attractions certainly contribute to the significant influx of tourists yearly. But another factor would be the country's hospitality towards the foreigners. However, hospitality is extended not only in tourism but also in business. It is very accommodating and liberal to foreign expatriates who have residency status and wants to invest in the country.


3. Great Education

With a nearly hundred percent literacy rate and nearly free universal education for Costa Ricans, it certainly has one of the best educational systems in the world. Much like in business, education for immigrants is available, with the system even providing means for easy integration of foreign children into Costa Rican society.


4. Low-cost living

Your dollar here can mean and cost much more compared to others. The cost of living is not that high, with so much food available at a lesser cost and housing and utilities available at fair, reasonable prices. No wonder most foreigners, especially retirees, want to live here, for they can have more for much less.


5. Affordable health service

In most countries, especially Third World ones, health concerns could mean life and death due to the prohibitive cost of health services. Not so much here in Costa Rica, for public and private health insurance is available, and the cost of medicines, especially maintenance drugs, are very much affordable for ordinary citizens.

Then, of course, you have all those lovely sceneries and tourist attractions which entice tourists from all over all year long. That, though, could very much well be a bonus. There are significant, tangible benefits waiting for those who want to stay here. No need to hesitate, and consider now moving here to Costa Rica.