Healthcare System of Costa Rica - One of The Best

Why Do Most People Consider the Healthcare System of Costa Rica One of The Best?


Costa Rica is famous for its lovely tourist attractions. More than that, it also boasts good governance, stable democracy, and a strong economy. These allow the country to give broad benefits to its citizens: security, great, top-quality education, affordable housing for many. These things make the country attractive for foreigners, expatriates, immigrants.

Another vital service that all Costa Ricans have, and could be availed by those who want to migrate here, are healthcare services. What are the health care services and benefits waiting for those who would be citizens of Costa Rica?


Costa Rica’s Health Insurance


All Costa Ricans have health insurance of some sort, and these could be availed eventually by those who want to live here permanently. The insurance could be public and private, they are different, but both provide health benefits for everyone living here.

For public health insurance, we have what we call Caja Costarricanse de Seguro Social (CCSS). It is owned and run by the government. Those who want to avail of this insurance must contribute 10-15 percent of their monthly income.

For private insurance, foreigners and others can avail one from Instituto Seguro de Nacional and other insurance companies. Overall, they provide reasonable prices for those who want private health insurance: payment could range from sixty dollars to $250, depending on personal circumstances.

But whether private or public, all of them provide the needed services, ranging from check-ups and health examinations to hospitalizations and surgeries. Prescription drugs are also available depending on the insurance. Most of all, emergency services, anything needing immediate medical attention, are available to everyone.


Other services


Primary health services are available regardless of insurance. But other than that, others are provided for the citizenry. Dental services, for one, unavailable in most Third World countries and costly in some like U.S., are available here using health insurance. Costa Rican health insurance provides a higher and better-quality package than its U.S. counterparts.

Most medicines and drugs could also be made available, either by health insurance or by the Costa Rican government itself through other mechanisms. Maintenance drugs, such as those for cholesterol and other heart ailments, are cheap and available compared to other countries, even Western ones.

We Costa Ricans need not worry that much about our health and medicines. The government and our country take care of us. No wonder that most of us lived longer than others and that we have a region, a “Blue Zone” where lots of people live more than a hundred. You can avail of our excellent healthcare service if you ever permanently reside here.