Why Education Attracts Immigrants To Come To Costa Rica

Costa Rica has one of the best educational systems in the world. It has nearly a hundred percent literacy rate and has provided its citizens free education for more than a hundred and fifty years. Education is one of the reasons why immigrants consider Costa Rica as their top choice.

Pre-higher education here consists of three stages. Pre-education applies to all aged five years old or below, while primary education applies to those aged 7 to 12.

Students having primary education have basic education subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and the Spanish language. Other subjects like foreign languages, Music, religious education, physical education, and sports are also available.

The third stage would be secondary education, available for 12 to 18 years old students. There are two phases, the first consists of further general education. In contrast, the final three years consist of specialized courses dealing with core disciplines like Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, Foreign Languages, and others.

All of them could be provided free by the government. Aside from free education, numerous private educational institutions provide quality education. Those who want to have their children acclimatize to Costa Rican culture and tradition as they transition could enroll in one of these private educational institutions.

Among the top private schools in the country: British School of Costa Rica, Lycee Franco Costaricien, a French school, and Franz List Schule, a German school, all located in the capital of San Jose. These schools usually follow the western, particularly the U.S. curriculum.

Other foreign, private schools are also available in other regions. Guanacaste, for instance, boasts of Waldorf School, Tide Academy, La Paz Community School, and Journey School of Guanacaste. These schools usually cater to the children of immigrants, helping them be familiar with Costa Rican ways and traditions while giving them the needed primary and secondary education.

Costa Rica gives top-quality, elite higher education to all its citizens. Universidad de Costa Rica, Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, are among the more famous public universities. Private universities providing top level education includes Universidad Latina de Costa Rica and Universidad de Ciencias Medicas.

There are many reasons why you must migrate and permanently reside in Costa Rica, and education for your children is one of them. You do not want to lose on the benefits, but at the same time want to have the best education for your children. Here, you can have both.